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  1. Hi, On this website: You have an add for getting this at %25 off if you click the link. However, there is no coupon code. How do I get the discount?


    • Hi Courteney!

      Thank you for your interest! I currently have a discount going. All you need to do is input BESTPLANNER in the coupon code box, hit apply, and voila! You’ll get your discount. Thanks again and I hope your wedding turns out AWESOME! ~ Best, Jimmy

  2. Hi I am just starting out Djing weddings and would like to purchase a package with all the songs in in order for the event not just a list but the actial songs, even if you can put them on a usb stick and post. Can you do something like this for me?
    Thanks Jamie

    • Hi Jamie.
      Congrats on starting out DJing! Unfortunately, I can’t sell actual songs as it would be illegal. If you pick up a copy of the WSTP, I’d be MORE than happy to provide you with all my latest DJ playists. I give access to these to all my clients. Thanks!!!

  3. Hi James,

    I just purchased the complete ceremony/reception list, but don’t see where I go to download it. Can you help? Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      It looks like we took care of this for you the same day. Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope your wedding is awesome!

  4. Hi i am a dj, doing my first wedding reception tomorrow and would like to make sure i have everything right by downloading the reception only package. My question is how long after and where can i download everything to view it all.

    • Hi Drew,

      The short answer is: Instantly! As soon as the transaction is complete, you should receive an email containing your own personal download link. After you download the .zip file and unzip it, you should have everything you need! Let me know if you need any further help or if you have any wedding questions at all.

  5. What is the difference if any between the ebook you have that I have purchased “How To Be A Wedding Dj” which I got on amazon for my kindle and the ebook you have on your sight the “Wedding Song Timeline Planner” ebook edition with no song recommendations but with planning sheets. Me and my fiancee are trying to put together are playlists and schedule together so that we are prepared when interviewing possible dj s for our wedding. The checklists in the back of your book “How to be a wedding Dj” are extremely helpful but I can’t print them out. If I purchase your other ebook would I be able to print it out via my pc or is it strictly a kindle or ebook item? If you have a way to print out your checklists that you have provided that would be awesome. If we could get physical copies of these checklists that would be awesome. Other then that the info in your book “How to be a wedding Dj” has been helpful. We are trying to keep it nice and simple but we needed a schedule and you have written it out dam good.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comments. How To Be A Wedding DJ is ONLY for DJ’s and has information that will not really help a couple planning their wedding. The WSTP comes as an ebook and you CAN print up the planning sheets. You also get a big list of song suggestions with the WSTP ebook. I’ve emailed you more information from so hopefully you get that. Thanks again and have an awesome wedding!

  6. Hi James! I just bought the complete package and i’m ecstatic with the content. You are the best of the best!

    Quick question: How do i access the clients only section to hear the song suggestions in your lists?

    Thanks again for sharing all of your experience with all of us!


    • Hi Frank! I emailed you all the information you need. Please make sure you let me know that you received the email and it didn’t go to your spam folder. Thanks again!!!

  7. Amazing! You are incredible! Thanks for the quick reply and the outstanding service! You are second to none!

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