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The moment will be emotional.  It will be touching.  People will be crying.  Everyone will remember this dance for years to come…and cringing when they remember you danced to Endless Love–with your dad!  If you choose the wrong song, they will be remembering this moment for all the wrong reasons.  Finding the best father and daughter wedding songs is your top priority–almost as important as selecting your wedding first dance songs.  There are a few ways to go about doing just that, so if you are struggling to find the perfect father and daughter wedding songs to dance to, then try the following.

father and daughter wedding songs, father and daughter wedding songs to dance to, father and daughter wedding songs in Spanish, top father and daughter wedding songsFirst things first:  Ask your father!  It is as simple as, “Dad, do you have a special song you want to dance to?”  He may already have a tune in mind and if it isn’t “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC you may be done with your search.  If he suggests you two dance to “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin, you may need to gently let him down (although “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin works well). As you can see from my sample-dad, this one seems to like classic rock.  This would be my next recommendation: look at the genre.

Genre means category in regards to music.  There’s classic rock, top 40, dance, disco, oldies and Motown, vocal jazz (think Sinatra and Harry Connick, Jr.), adult contemporary, country and so on.  You might want to talk to your dad about his favorite genre and see if you can find something that will make both of you happy.  If the lyrics are of utmost importance, you may want to consider country as a great starting point.  Songs like “I Loved Her First” by Heartland and Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” have lyrics that will leave naught a dry eye in the room. Discover the genre and this will narrow your search down considerably.

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father and daughter wedding songs, father and daughter wedding songs to dance to, father and daughter wedding songs in Spanish, top father and daughter wedding songsIf your search for genre still leaves it too wide, try considering artists.  Sure, dad may love the Zep, but they don’t do any appropriate songs for a father daughter dance–or do they?  Check out the lyrics to “Thank You” and you will see it mostly works.  Figure out what band or artist makes your dad happy and scour their catalog for a song that works.  Don’t worry about it being a “slow song” or “ballad.”  There is no reason why you can’t dance to Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” if you want to.  Actually, your guests will find an upbeat father daughter dance a breath of fresh air.  You, of course, don’t want to go as far as having it as upbeat as your wedding party entrance songs, but if you keep it “bouncy” at most, you should be fine.

You can also delve into your family’s heritage.  You might consider using father and daughter wedding songs in Spanish or Italian.  If you have an ethnicity that focuses on family you are sure to find a song that works well.  Religious songs that sing about God may even fit nicely for this dance.  You may think you could look at wedding processional music or even wedding recessional songs.  Your wedding processional songs are typically instrumental classical and would not go over well…especially when you need to start kicking up the party soon after.  This is why your garter toss songs need to be upbeat–it’s celebration time.  Having a fun father daughter dance will help get the party going even more.

One area I avoided so far would be those top father and daughter wedding songs that you’ve heard over and over and over again.  Dare I mention “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle or “Because You Loved Me” by Celine?  Sure, you can go with an old standard like “Thank Heaven For Little Girls” but there are new classics being made every day.  “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker is amazing as is “You Don’t Have To Let Go” by Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson?)  Yes.  Jessica Simpson, of all people.

Finally, one of the best places to find great father and daughter wedding songs is your professional wedding DJ company!  You should find a great selection of old and new ideas from your wedding entertainment as long as you have hired a true professional! If you went cheap with your entertainment, forget about it.  You’re probably out of luck.  If you decided to “invest” in a professional who specializes in weddings, you will be able to go to them for the best ideas–and save yourself a lot of headache.

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