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garter toss songs, wedding garter toss songs, funny garter toss songsOne section of the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner that most couples have a lot of fun with is selecting the garter toss songs.  Problem is, what songs go where and which ones fit with the different sections of this upbeat wedding event?  I can’t go into too much detail here, because I would be giving away the Garter Toss section of the planner for free–I’m sure you would appreciate that!  Still, this article should give you a good overview of the different parts of this event.

First, you may know about the typical songs garter toss songs for weddings such as Macho Man by The Village People and Oh Yeah by Yello.  No, you are not allowed to use them, especially if you want to avoid the synchopated eye-roll from your wedding guests!  We will get into some great garter toss song ideas soon.

garter toss songs Your garter toss event is broken down into 3 distinct sections.  First, you will call the single dudes to the dance floor.  This is sometimes a struggle, getting them to actually come out but if you give the groom the mic and let him go after the guys, they will finally weasel their way onto the dance floor.

After getting the single men on the floor, now is the typical time for the garter removal. There may be some of you out there who would prefer not to do the event simply because you don’t like this part (your new husband crawling up your dress to get your garter off your leg in front of mom, dad, grand parents, and Jill the flower girl). This is understandable, so the fix here is to simply skip the garter removal part of this event! Go straight from bringing the single guys up to the actual tossing of the garter. The groom will have the garter in his pocket already!

garter toss songs, garter toss wedding songs

Air by The Garter Girl!

Now that you have all the single guys up, the garter in hand, it’s time to throw that sucker!  A fake is always fun to pull on the guys, just to see them jump.  I’ve even seen a groom throw a napkin just to see who goes for it.  There are a few AWESOME and unique ideas in the wedding songs timeline planner, of course.

As for wedding garter toss songs, you will want the first song to be funny.  Funny garter toss songs work the best because, well, you want the event to be fun, and there is no better group of people you can make fun of like the single guys at a wedding.  Think about who is walking up…the theme from Cops might be appropriate.  Also, “Loser” by Beck, too.  The second song, if you are doing the garter removal, should be more sultry and seductive.  You Can Leave Your Hat On is an old stand by, and Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaaks works well, too.

garter toss songs, wedding garter toss songs, funny garter toss songsThe toss song can be sports oriented, like Rock and Roll Pt. 2 by Garry Glitter, or high energy fun, like Danger Zone by Kenny Rogers.  Again, I have to refer you to the wedding songs timeline planner for the best ideas old and new.  There are a few garter toss songs 2011 on the list along with some great themed tunes.

Wedding first dance songs have been covered, along with fall wedding colors, and tuxedos for weddings, fun wedding ideas, and much much more.

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