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For those of you who do not know, Maggie Sottero wedding dress designer of the utmost quality.  They have won one of the biggest honors in the bridal industry, the DEBI award.  They have put together gowns that are not only contemporary and stylish, but also comfortable.  And you know that comfort on your wedding day should be a priority if you want actually enjoy your wedding day. They have accomplished all of this and have kept the Maggie Sottero prices reasonable.

If you are a stickler and do not want to get stuck with a Maggie Sottero fake, you should see that the dress you’re considering has a Certificate of Authenticity.  Any gown that was made past the year 2002 should have one.  This way you can be sure you have an authentic gown.

Is it risky to buy your gown online?  You may be tempted to try and find the best Maggie Sottero prices on the internet.  If authenticity is is a crucial component to you, you may be taking a risk if you buy online.  Then again, if you are dealing with an authentic Maggie Sottero retailer, you should be taken care of.  Then again, it is important to actually try the dress on so it can be tailored to fit you properly.  Remember the comfort comment?

You can visit the Maggie Sottero website to browse their latest styles.  From that point, you may want to find a local retailer to try on the dress.  Their website can help you find a local retailer so you can try on the dresses.  If you find one that fits, you might be able to save some money by ordering the exact gown, size and color, then taking that dress to be adjusted specifically for you.  Look for sizes between 0 and 28.

There are other styles that branch off from Maggie Sottero, including Sottero and Midgley, and Destinations by Maggie Sottero.  If you’ve already bought some wedding accessories, like your tiaras for wedding fashion, or you are trying to not clash with your design, such as fall wedding colors, take your time shopping online and seeing if there are recommendations available for your specific needs.

If you think you can buy directly from the manufacturer, you would be mistaken.  They are not in the business of selling to the general public so you will have to find an authorized Maggie Sottero retailer.

There is a difference between their white and diamond white colors.  The Diamond White will be a very light ivory and will give you that classic white you’ve always seen at weddings.

Here are some beautiful samples of Maggie Sottero gowns.  The Maggie Sottero prices 2011 are close to last years so the gowns below can be found in the $899 to $1999 range.  Hopefully, Maggie Sottero prices 2012 follow the same trend of staying low and affordable.  Enjoy!

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Alexis

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Alicia
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Amanda
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Annabelle
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Annalise
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Annika
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Annika Marie
Annika Marie
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Bailey
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Bonita
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Candice
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Carly
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Carmella
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Cecilia
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Chantelle
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Claire
Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress Style Daphne

As you can see, the above dresses are amazing. Picture yourself in one of these, paired up with whatever your handsome husband (can you believe it?) is wearing for his tuxedos for weddings, or you two dancing to your wedding first dance songs. Those song ideas can be found in the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner if you are in need of wedding planning help.

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  1. Where can I purchase Maggie soterro wedding dress style cleo in the Scranton ,PA area?

    • Try:
      Place One, 117 Wyoming Ave, Scranton, PA, (570) 342-6840.
      Elegant Boutique, 11 Fountain Ct, Bartonsville, PA ‎in the Fountain Court Shopping Center, (570) 688-9594
      And Head to Toe, 106-108 E Drinker St, Dunmore, PA ‎(570) 341-8850
      Good Luck!!!!

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