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Ring shopping many times takes place at the beginning of the wedding planning.  Before picking your seasons hues, like fall wedding colors or budgeting Maggie Sottero prices on wedding gowns, you will be dreaming of which ring you’ll be wearing upon your finger for the rest of your life.  For those of you with a more contemporary style, you may find it difficult to locate designs that fit with your ideals–and don’t look like some kind of futuristic nightmare from The Transformers movie series.

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Pretty...For A Robot

All of the following samples come from an amazing website at Krikawa.  They have a wide array of very modern engagement rings.  There are other modern and contemporary ring designers out there, but these guys…they basically just put on a clinic.  You should find these unique modern engagement rings attractive at the least, and in a style that may not suit you, but will certainly not embarrass you.  There are a few ways to go modern, starting with the design of the ring.

This ring is amazing, in the sense that it comes with the diamond and the promise band.  We also have few smaller diamonds outlining the elegant and modern shape if the main band.  Multiple diamonds have always been a modern way of adding flair to your ring of choice.  Here we also have a colored diamond.  Yes, this is a real diamond that has been irradiated with certain frequencies to create the hue.  Here’s another example:

This wider band is highlighted with a blue diamond.  You can be sure that of all the modern engagement rings design you will see, women that work with their hands would love this design.  No more protruding setting getting caught and snagged on every little thing it comes across!

modern engagement rings, unique modern engagement rings, modern engagement rings designBesides the shape of the band and the color of the stone, there’s no reason why you have to stick with white gold or yellow gold for the band.  As seen here, colorizing all the way is a modern touch rarely seen.  If done right, you will have yourself a beautiful ring that won’t look like it was pulled out of a vending machine.

modern engagement rings, unique modern engagement rings, modern engagement rings designGold was “out” for a long time but has made a comeback.  Take a look at this stunner.  Gold is again bold and beautiful as ever.  Notice the simplicity of design with this particular ring.  There is no need to go hog wild with embellishments and angles and layers to look modern.  Still, if you want to go for that, you could do much worse than this little pretty.

modern engagement rings, unique modern engagement rings, modern engagement rings designUnfortunately, you can’t tell what this one looks like on your hand.  From this angle, you might be comparing it to that first ring, but it is just one of those pieces you need to see on.  Here is where I recommend you visit whatever jewelry store near you that makes contemporary pieces and slip them on.  Don’t let them sell you something you do not want, but get some ideas as to what colors, cuts, and styles look good on you.  And don’t worry about matching something like the wedding flowers bridal bouquet.  The ring takes precedent, of course!

modern engagement rings, unique modern engagement rings, modern engagement rings designOne more modern trend that I wanted to mention is this throw-back look to the classic intricate designs of a bygone era.  I’d tell you what era that is if I knew, but I don’t want to make stuff up.  Then you repeat it to your friends and look dumb, then you send a virus to my website.  No thanks.  Anyway, if you think “Brighton” you’re on the right track.  Also, the low settings seem to be the current modern take, but that may only be a trend.  I happen to like the sunken setting versus the “OMG, look at the size of my ROCK!” setting, but to each their own.

So, before jumping into your music planning (wedding first dance songs, wedding processional music,
and bouquet and garter toss songs) or your other apparel (such as tuxedos for weddings for the groom or your tiaras for wedding style), you should look to your ring.  You will have plenty of time for changing your name after marriage after the wedding day.

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