Jan 032012
Ten Wedding Reception Tips To Save Your Celebration, Get Your Wedding Guests Involved, And To Make Your Wedding Fun!

It’s not all about image…  A major concern for soon to be married couples regarding their wedding day is that their guests have fun at the reception.  Specifically, they are usually worried that no one will dance, but the truth of the matter is, as long as everyone enjoys themselves in any way, you should be happy with how your reception turned out—even if a single person leaves without hitting the dance floor.  (Speaking of dancing, here’s how to hire the perfect wedding DJ)  The typical mindset is that if people don’t dance, they will [Continue Learning…]

Oct 122011
The Best Beach Wedding Songs For Your Ceremony Processional, Recessional, And Reception

One of the most popular wedding themes of all time is the beach wedding.  This is especially true here in southern California, where a lot of the wedding ceremony and receptions happen at or near the beach.  Who doesn’t want to get married in front of the ocean?  It’s romantic, fun, and gives everyone that feeling of “vacation.”  That is the right frame of mind for a wedding celebration.  Besides decoration and location, what else can tie your beachy wedding theme all together?  Using the best beach wedding songs, of course!  There are two main areas [Continue Learning…]

Oct 102011
Wedding Reception and Wedding Party Entrance Ideas

One of the highlights of any wedding reception is when the wedding party and the bride and groom enter the room for the very first time. Loud and fast music is played and the MC announces everyone, especially the newlyweds, to a raucous crowd. It’s basically your kick-off to your celebration! I’ve come up with so many different wedding entrance ideas over the years and what I have learned is that it is all based on personal preference. I’ve had couples enter to Top 40 dance songs, classic rock, oldies and Motown, even classic Disney [Continue Learning…]

Oct 072011
When Wedding Party Songs Aren't Working!

Let’s talk about wedding party songs!  These are those songs that get your reception rocking, that pack the dance floor, and that make your celebration a PAR-TAY.  Some of the top wedding party songs that come directly to mind are ones you shouldn’t be playing at your wedding in the first place!  And some of the best wedding party songs are ones you may not have thought of.   Sure, I can give you lists of Play and Do Not Play songs but it’s best if I just give you samples of each and you make [Continue Learning…]

Sep 062011
Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

When are you going to get married? This is a question many people – especially women – have weighing on their minds.  The truth is, we don’t know and there is no way to know when you will meet Mr. or Miss Right…Or is there?  This is where marriage prediction based on date of birth comes in.  Some believe that if you take your date of birth and apply it to a particular calendar, you can make marriage predictions based on date of birth.  There are others who think that’s crazy.  What do you think?  [Continue Learning…]

Sep 022011
Love Songs For Your Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is the start of an incredible, once in a lifetime event. Music plays a huge role in making the ceremony an unforgettable and touching experience.  Besides the standard songs for wedding events such as the parent’s processional and the bridemaid’s processional among other wedding processional music selections, you do have other options.  Canon in D and The Bridal March are not your only choices!  There is no  reason why you can’t incorporate your own love songs for wedding ceremony uniqueness and personalization.  Coming up, I have some great ideas as to how [Continue Learning…]

Aug 292011
Wine Bottle Centerpieces For Weddings

“Wine is the liquid of love, the fluid of folly, the elixir of elation, and the fuel that awesome celebrations run on.” – James Loram, Wedding Songs Timeline Planner. Ah yes, the above quote was written by me many, many minutes ago–like 8.  Seriously, being quoted in a bridal magazine as saying the above was not only an honor, but a testament of my attitude toward good wine and it’s impact on your wedding day. There’s no reason why you can’t incorporate the bottle into your decor, such as having wine bottle centerpieces for your [Continue Learning…]

Aug 292011
Wedding Party Entrance Songs That Rock!

You are about to start your Grand Entrance!  Of course, your mind goes directly to the bride and groom being announced into the room to a lot of applause.  The reality is, that part is the end of the grand entrance!  The grand finale, the climactic conclusion, the Bam! Said the lady! of the entrance.  What you need to focus on right now is choosing the bridal party entrance songs.  And there is even someone else who typically gets introduced even before them!  Who comes in first? When it comes to your wedding reception entrance [Continue Learning…]

Aug 252011
Funny Wedding Marriage Quotes, Jokes, and Sayings

Here are some funny quotes about marriage! These come from a variety of sources, including ones that I have heard in wedding speeches, during ceremonies, and just in conversations at weddings. Some of these wedding quotes and sayings can even be considered wedding jokes and can be told as such. The bottom line is, these are all for fun and should not be looked on as wedding advice! Enjoy! The bride first sees the aisle, then the altar, then him…The wife sees the same thing: I’ll alter him. We always hold hands. If I let [Continue Learning…]

Aug 242011
Last Dance entertainment: The Latest!

November 5th, 2011 – Patrick & Stephanie Reagan! There’s not much I can say about this wedding except AWESOME!!!  I would write more and add pics but I put together a video instead. It was a lot of fun…and the power dance set of music consisted of Creedence, The Hollies, and Grand Funk Railroad!  Yes, it was an older crowd, but they are the FUNNEST!  No reservations about dancing and having fun… Here’s their first dance song with their vows edited in throughout the song… [Audio clip: view full post to listen] It brought tears [Continue Learning…]