Aug 192011
Making Important Wedding Day Songs Even More Special

Here’s a nice touch I like to do for my weddings. It is a way to make your special wedding day songs even more special!  I recorded the vows from the ceremony and then edit them into the first dance…then the bride and groom are surprised as they hear their own vows during their first dance! Okay, the video has NOTHING to do with the technique used to make this first dance special, but it’s better than listening to it and staring at a blank screen!  More ideas to follow!

Jun 042011
Wedding Recessional Songs

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce for the very first time, the new Mr. & Mrs. Insert-Your-Last-Name-Here!” Then the music swells and the happy couple races back down the aisle to loud cheers and flying birdseed. Or rose petals. Or floating bubbles. The “music” being referred to here is the wedding recessional songs. Processional music is for entering the wedding chapel while the recessional songs are for exiting, or recessing. A lot of couples aren’t sure what works besides the standard Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn. If you don’t know how that [Continue Learning…]

May 262011
Wedding Processional Songs

It’s your wedding and the one component that will have a huge emotional impact is your wedding processional songs.  There are a few different areas to consider when selecting these songs.  I’ll go over each with some recommendations that will hopefully help you come up with your own unique wedding processional songs. Prelude Music. Consider this the background soundtrack to your wedding.  As guests arrive to watch you tie the knot, they should be greeted with some kind of music.  Typically, couples choose instrumental mixes like classical, quartet, harp, or classical guitar.  If that feels [Continue Learning…]

May 252011
Popular Father and Daughter Dance Wedding Songs

The moment will be emotional.  It will be touching.  People will be crying.  Everyone will remember this dance for years to come…and cringing when they remember you danced to Endless Love–with your dad!  If you choose the wrong song, they will be remembering this moment for all the wrong reasons.  Finding the best father and daughter wedding songs is your top priority–almost as important as selecting your wedding first dance songs.  There are a few ways to go about doing just that, so if you are struggling to find the perfect father and daughter wedding [Continue Learning…]

May 122011
Special First Dance Song For An Awesome Couple

Here’s a clip from a past client of mine.  They now work in the wedding industry.  Toward the end of the song, When You Say Nothing At All, I took a snippet from their actual wedding vows that I recorded at their ceremony (they had no idea, he he) and surprised them by editing in the sound bite.  Here’s what it sounds like: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] It was a touching moment, as always, but you really had to be there!  Thanks to the couple for allowing me to be a part [Continue Learning…]

May 032011
Marriage Invitation Mail

After you’ve announced your wedding, whether through save the date cards, save the date magnets, save the date emails, or save the date smoke signals, you will need to get ready for marriage invitation mail.  Sending your invites usually transpires six to eight weeks before the wedding date.  All the prep work that goes into that one mailing may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  After all, your time will be precious as you look at tuxedos for weddings, gown ideas such as Maggie Sottero prices on dresses, and your wedding flowers bridal [Continue Learning…]

Apr 132011
Modern Engagement Rings

Ring shopping many times takes place at the beginning of the wedding planning.  Before picking your seasons hues, like fall wedding colors or budgeting Maggie Sottero prices on wedding gowns, you will be dreaming of which ring you’ll be wearing upon your finger for the rest of your life.  For those of you with a more contemporary style, you may find it difficult to locate designs that fit with your ideals–and don’t look like some kind of futuristic nightmare from The Transformers movie series. All of the following samples come from an amazing website at [Continue Learning…]

Apr 112011
Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet Ideas From Artificial And Silk To Real

Spending all of your wedding planning minutes on finding Maggie Sottero prices on gowns?  What about dressing your man in the nicest tuxedos for weddings?  What about all the wedding music like your wedding processional music, wedding first dance songs, or the garter toss songs? Of all the arrangements you will be working on and making (or finding someone else to make) the bridal bouquet  is the most important one of all.  There are a variant of bridal bouquets to consider, such as your bridesmaid’s bouquets, the flower girl’s wedding flower bouquets, all the different [Continue Learning…]

Apr 052011
Ceremony and Wedding Reception Venue

Talking about a location where the ceremony and reception can be held in one place.  Some drawbacks to this location, but nothing that can’t be overcome with proper planning.

Mar 232011
Garter Toss Songs

One section of the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner that most couples have a lot of fun with is selecting the garter toss songs.  Problem is, what songs go where and which ones fit with the different sections of this upbeat wedding event?  I can’t go into too much detail here, because I would be giving away the Garter Toss section of the planner for free–I’m sure you would appreciate that!  Still, this article should give you a good overview of the different parts of this event. First, you may know about the typical songs garter [Continue Learning…]