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Let’s talk about wedding party songs!  These are those songs that get your reception rocking, that pack the dance floor, and that make your celebration a PAR-TAY.  Some of the top wedding party songs that come directly to mind are ones you shouldn’t be playing at your wedding in the first place!  And some of the best wedding party songs are ones you may not have thought of.   Sure, I can give you lists of Play and Do Not Play songs but it’s best if I just give you samples of each and you make your own decision.  It is, after all, your wedding, so make decisions based on what you think would be best to get people dancing and partying.

Right off the top, most wedding guests are way, way, way over The Chicken Dance, the Macarena, YMCA, and so on.  Those group dances need to die a quick and painless death.  I recommend quick and painless because they did give us years and years of interactive fun and dancing.  Now they are just painful, don’t you agree?  If you still want to use these, go right ahead, but understand that you will get your fair share of eye rolls and dance floor flee-ers.  You know, most wedding guests are also done with those standards you think are simply fun. Celebration by Kool and the Gang, We Are Family, Old Time Rock & Roll are all considered tired now.

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So, what are the new “standards?”  The trend now seems to be leaning toward 80’s rock, like Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses.  For disco and dance, it’s leaning more toward the old school vibe, like Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside and Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye.  Earth, Wind, & Fire (Let’s Groove, September) works well, too.  So, find those older hits that aren’t played out, and you should be in good shape with your wedding party dance songs.

Since we are focusing on wedding party songs to dance to, we could go straight to wedding party dance songs 2012 and a few years older.  These songs change with the seasons.  One song that is super huge today, may wear out it’s welcome by the time your wedding rolls around.  I Gotta Feeling is a great wedding party song, but I’m sure you’re sick of it.  I recommend checking out websites like mp3skull.com to see lists of top downloads–but don’t do this until you’re about a month away from your wedding or the above issues will pervade!

Now what do you do if NO ONE is dancing?  Here’s some great advice from an incredibly handsome gentleman…okay, it’s me.

So let’s review.  Standard cheesy group dances (for some reason, Shout is still okay) are typically off-limits.  If you’re German and MUST do the chicken dance, by all means poultry away.  Avoid the cliche’s unless you really need to play them.  Maybe a groomsman is planning to channel Tom Cruise in Risky Business.   Who”s hot now, may not be hot in 6 to 12 months.    And what about those unusual songs I mentioned?  Try dropping Footloose in there.  Sweet Caroline.  Livin’ On A Prayer.  Wannabe by Spice Girls. What?!?!  I’m serious.  They will go crazy and sing the whole dang song!

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