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wedding recessional songs, wedding recessional music

wedding recessional songs, wedding recessional music“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce for the very first time, the new Mr. & Mrs. Insert-Your-Last-Name-Here!”

Then the music swells and the happy couple races back down the aisle to loud cheers and flying birdseed. Or rose petals. Or floating bubbles. The “music” being referred to here is the wedding recessional songs. Processional music is for entering the wedding chapel while the recessional songs are for exiting, or recessing. A lot of couples aren’t sure what works besides the standard Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn. If you don’t know how that song goes, you need to search the inter-webs for it.  It’s okay.  I’ll wait…  Okay, fine!  I’ll add the clip myself!

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Got it? Perfect! As you can see—I mean, hear—this is the typical song for the recessional. It is heard in movies, television shows, and more. In other words, it’s been done to death! Many couples will be happy going the traditional route. Others…not so much.  So, they need find something fresh and unique for their ceremony recessional exit.

Fun Wedding Recessional Songs

Most couples want to have fun or upbeat wedding recessional songs as options.  If you are one of those couples, keep in mind that this is completely normal!  Ceremonies can be very stodgy, traditional, and regal–which to some translates into boring.  For others, it is perfect, yet they will be leading their guests into the cocktail hour with a less than exciting atmosphere.   If one chooses traditional wedding recessional songs to walk back down the aisle, you will want to have more upbeat cocktail hour music.  This will help lead your guests to start having fun!  Here’s a good example of an upbeat and fun wedding recessional song.

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Modern Wedding Recessional Songs

Believe it or not, any song can be a recessional!  There’s no reason why you can’t use “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.  It’s upbeat, fun, and certainly sets the tone for an incredible night.  If using Top 40 for your contemporary wedding recessional songs, it is imperative you research the lyrics so you don’t offend your guests or embarrass yourself.  Not the way to start off your wedding celebration.

One way to set the tone for a fun evening, is to use funny wedding recessional songs.  Love And Marriage by Sinatra and If You Wanna Be Happy by Jimmy Soul are great examples of this.  Adding humor at the end of the formalities is just one more way to kick start the party.  Search for any songs that mention the words “wedding” or “marriage” and you will have a boatload of options.  You can also get a copy of the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner, which is full of great ideas!

wedding recessional songs, wedding songs, wedding planning, Feel free to theme it out if you want to add your weddings theme to the exit.  Don’t hesitate to use the Beach Boys to add beach wedding songs to your playlist.

Bear in mind, I have been talking about being fun and upbeat, but you don’t have to be to have a successful ceremony and reception.  If you are a romantic, don’t hesitate to use At Last by Etta James or LOVE by Nat King Cole.  The main thing is that you pick a song that clicks with who you two are as a couple.  I’ve even had couples with kids use We Are Family since they just officially became a family!  There are so many great ideas, I don’t want to give them all away–actually I do, but that would spoil the fun for you to pick up a copy of the WSTP!

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