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Thank you!  I hope the Wedding Songs Timeline Planner helps you make your wedding AWESOME!

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  1. niceeee

  2. Hi! Thank you!

  3. Hey James,

    I’ve purchased a similar program before and wasn’t satisfied with the program. I tried to claim my refund but didn’t bother with the hassle. I just want a solid product to help me become a better wedding DJ. I know I’m likely too lazy to go thru loops just to ask for my money back if your product isn’t the kind of help I need. What’s your return policy.

    • Hi Martin,

      If you’re a DJ, go here: and get this ebook. It’s written specifically for DJ’s just like you. Thanks and I hope it helps. Don’t hesitate to contact me any time!


      • I’m more interested in music selection. I’m not sure what else I would gain from your book and I’m sorry but I don’t think you answered my question. Thanks James. I don’t want to bother you.

        • Hi Martin,

          My only refund policy is if after your wedding, you feel the WSTP did not help make your wedding awesome, I am happy to refund the purchase price. This wouldn’t apply to you, so sorry!

          Once the program is purchased there’s really no way to return it, so if you’re not confident by what is presented on the website, it might not be for you.

          Finally, if you could get more specific about what you want, I could better determine if the WSTP would be helpful to you. I certainly don’t want you to buy it and be dissatisfied. And if y ou have any specific questions about Djing weddings, I’d be happy to email with you! Thanks!


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